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EN – Automatic category detection and more

us uk We informed you in December 2014 that we are going to publish a huge remake of Bidvoy in 2015.

Unfortunately this update will be delayed a little and so we decided to presently release a few features that we actually wanted to release with the facelift of Bidvoy. :mrgreen:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-28 um 07.46.14

– The whole core of Bidvoy has been updated and thus each code fragment has been rewritten and optimized. Search requests are more stable and quicker now.

– You do not have to select a category after you type in your search request. Bidvoy will automatically detect the right category [for UK] for you – you can also change the category by hand of course.

– Search requests with preset time intervals (2 weeks; 2,3 and 6 months) can be shared with a link [for UK] (Rumor has it that a time interval of 5 months can be shared too 😎 ).

– more enhancements and bugfixes

Newsletter US/UK – The iPhone 5c brings color along but white is the most popular however

us uk Since the launch of the iPhone 5c in September last year color came into the iPhone family. The smartphone is most identical to its predecessor – the iPhone 5. The biggest innovation is a colorful plastic case. Overall the iPhone 5c is available in five colors: white, pink, yellow, blue und green.

We examined the iPhone 5c a half year after sales launch for you.



us_market-share-colors_iphone-5cComparing the number of units sold most users do not like it so much colorful.

With almost a third of all sales white is the winner! With 27% the blue one is following. The remaining three colors are sharing the last 36%, where the yellow one seems to be the most unattractive.

With regard to prices (auctions, used) the colored smartphones are on a similar level. The price range is very small from $310 up to $335.


The price decrease per week is (more…)

Newsletter US/UK – We analyzed the brand “Apple” on eBay

us uk We analyzed the products of the famous brand apple on eBay. How high is the volume of sales per month? At which time should I bid on an iPhone?

turnover brand Apple in June 2013At June 2013 apple products for $ 9.54 million changed their owners in the five important categories (Smartphones, MP3-Player, Tablet-PCs, Laptops and Desktop-PCs).

You can easily see at the graphic alongside how important the iPhone business is (with over 50% turnover the largest part).

But at the last time you can also read negative press articles about apple. Less innovation power and missing new products for a longer time are named as reasons for a decrease of profit and sales. On top of that there are less sales in general between the summertime. We have also noticed this decline in demand on eBay auctions.


development of Apple products February-July 2013

During February and March the turnover was obviously over $ 12 million. Then there was a retracement in May to $ 8.4 million and (more…)