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Newsletter US/UK – The iPhone 5c brings color along but white is the most popular however

us uk Since the launch of the iPhone 5c in September last year color came into the iPhone family. The smartphone is most identical to its predecessor – the iPhone 5. The biggest innovation is a colorful plastic case. Overall the iPhone 5c is available in five colors: white, pink, yellow, blue und green.

We examined the iPhone 5c a half year after sales launch for you.



us_market-share-colors_iphone-5cComparing the number of units sold most users do not like it so much colorful.

With almost a third of all sales white is the winner! With 27% the blue one is following. The remaining three colors are sharing the last 36%, where the yellow one seems to be the most unattractive.

With regard to prices (auctions, used) the colored smartphones are on a similar level. The price range is very small from $310 up to $335.


The price decrease per week is clearly in its diversity. The colors blue, green and white are on a similar level. They get around $1 cheaper per week. Yellow as the most exotic color has a price decline of nearly $3 per week. Only the striking color pink becomes more expensive (+ $0,5/ week).



Looking at the number of sales splitted by the offered storage capacity the cheaper 16GB version clearly wins. The 16GB version is sold about ten times more. Especially the “trendy colors” (white and blue) are generally sold with a smaller memory.