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Newsletter US/UK – We analyzed the brand “Apple” on eBay

us uk We analyzed the products of the famous brand apple on eBay. How high is the volume of sales per month? At which time should I bid on an iPhone?

turnover brand Apple in June 2013At June 2013 apple products for $ 9.54 million changed their owners in the five important categories (Smartphones, MP3-Player, Tablet-PCs, Laptops and Desktop-PCs).

You can easily see at the graphic alongside how important the iPhone business is (with over 50% turnover the largest part).

But at the last time you can also read negative press articles about apple. Less innovation power and missing new products for a longer time are named as reasons for a decrease of profit and sales. On top of that there are less sales in general between the summertime. We have also noticed this decline in demand on eBay auctions.


development of Apple products February-July 2013

During February and March the turnover was obviously over $ 12 million. Then there was a retracement in May to $ 8.4 million and June was also moderate with only $ 9.54 million. We are interested to see if the downswing goes on or the turnover increases to normal level.

sold quantity of iPhones in June 2013Because the iPhone market is the biggest, we have a closer look on it. Since the iPhone 5 was released last year, mostly the iPhone 4 and 4S are traded on eBay. That could be positive for the new iPhone generation: Many people sell their “old” iPhone to supply a new one.

It is very interesting that half as many iPhone 5 as iPhone 4 are sold, but the latter generate nearly 10% more turnover.


Everyone who wants to buy an iPhone of the newest generation should know that the price is very steady (only 6 % price fluctuation), but it becomes continuously cheaper ($1.50 per week). If this development goes on, you can buy a good used one (16 GB) for nearly $440 in less than 6 weeks.

sold quantity vs. turnover for iPhones in June 2013