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Team bidvoy has grown

us uk In the apparently quiet year 2014 a lot of intern work has been done at bidvoy. Currently a huge remake of bidvoy is underway, which will be presented to public in 2015. In this context, our team has grown. Jan Richter joins bidvoy and we are really looking forward to working together. Let him tell you himself just what he is planning.

Jan Richter: “After the completion of the beta phase in 2012, bidvoy attained a massive boost in users, followers and supporters. The excellent success of this unique app is great testimony to the developers and their never ending desire to perfect the app down to the very last detail. From a certain point onwards, however, an app quite simply needs more: more power, more usability, more control, more stability. Repeat users have expectations, desires and perceptions based on the apps they use frequently and everyone has their own individual way of using an app. That’s a real challenge.

When I founded my advertising and design agency in 2011, this was out of necessity. At the end of the financial year 2010, my one-man company could no longer cope with the demand it was facing. I needed personnel and partners to continue to serve my loyal customers and to be able to offer my improved services to an even larger public. I founded The Stupid And The Simple and within 3 years the company was a sure-fire success with nationwide clients and international partners.

When I joined bidvoy as Creative Director, a post which had so far not been filled, it was clear to me that the company’s situation had parallels with my own. I was therefore given the task of establishing bidvoy just as I did for TSATS and working in the background on transforming its core to create the optimal tool for daily use. And this all had to be done while retaining the regular users and early adopters who after all made bidvoy what it is today.


Improved: Shortly ending eBay auctions

us uk Great news everybody: We improved the shortly ending eBay auctions section on our website. Before there were only four text links to the next ending eBay auctions.

Now you will see a nice table with much more useful information: Beside a product image we show you the present price and an evaluation if the item is underpriced, normal or overpriced. As of now buying overpriced goods will not happen any more!

PS: There will be an absolutely huge update comming this year. We are going to write more in another blog entry. So stay tuned.

Newsletter US/UK – The iPhone 5c brings color along but white is the most popular however

us uk Since the launch of the iPhone 5c in September last year color came into the iPhone family. The smartphone is most identical to its predecessor – the iPhone 5. The biggest innovation is a colorful plastic case. Overall the iPhone 5c is available in five colors: white, pink, yellow, blue und green.

We examined the iPhone 5c a half year after sales launch for you.



us_market-share-colors_iphone-5cComparing the number of units sold most users do not like it so much colorful.

With almost a third of all sales white is the winner! With 27% the blue one is following. The remaining three colors are sharing the last 36%, where the yellow one seems to be the most unattractive.

With regard to prices (auctions, used) the colored smartphones are on a similar level. The price range is very small from $310 up to $335.


The price decrease per week is (more…)

Newsletter DE – Das iPhone 5c bringt Farbe und dennoch ist weiß am beliebtesten

de Mit der Vorstellung des iPhone 5c im September letzten Jahres ist Farbe in die iPhone-Familie gekommen. Dieses Smartphone ist weitestgehend mit seinem Vorgänger, dem iPhone 5, identisch. Die größte Neuerung ist das bunte Außengehäuse aus Kunststoff. Insgesamt ist das iPhone 5c in fünf verschiedenen Farben erhältlich: weiß, pink, gelb, blau und grün.

Wir haben das iPhone 5c nach gut einem halben Jahr nach Verkaufsstart genauer unter die Lupe genommen.



de_market-share-colors_iphone-5cVergleicht man die verkauften Stückzahlen, fällt auf, dass es die meisten doch nicht so „bunt“ mögen.

Klarer Gewinner bei den Farben (mit fast der Hälfte aller Verkäufe) ist weiß! Mit fast einem Drittel werden die blauen Apple-Geräte auch sehr gut gehandelt. Die übrigen 23% teilen sich die restlichen drei Farben, wobei gelb mit 5% am unattraktivsten scheint.

Hinsichtlich der Preise (Auktionen, gebraucht) sind die farbigen Smartphones auf einem ähnlichem Niveau. Grün ist mit knapp unter 300€ am günstigsten und weiß mit etwas mehr als 400€ im Durchschnitt am teuersten. Es kommt also ein Preisunterschied von ca. 100€ zu Stande.



Der Preisverfall pro Woche (more…)

bidvoy goes mobile

us uk On November 19th, 2012 bidvoy was released in a public beta version. We have got a lot of feedback and criticism in the first year and used it in the meantime to enhance bidvoy continually. Now it is about time for us to take a step forward and finish the beta stage.

Everything had begun with the evaluation of electronic devices. Now we have reached a point when we put almost every product on our index. This means, that you are able to search for far more than only consumer electronics: From perfumes, via toys to clothes – many products can be searched.

Furthermore we may announce joyfully that bidvoy can be used as a mobile version on your smartphone, so that you can perform easily search analyzes on the go. Just open on your smartphone and you will get automatically the mobile version.

As a last point the bidvoy team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

bidvoy toplists – an overview of smartphones and tablets

us uk Because of our last article about the brand apple we recognized that smartphones and tablets are some of the most important e-commerce products. iPhone and iPad generate more than two-thirds of sales of the company apple. At bidvoy the major part of search terms refer also to smartphones or tablets.

For that reasons we built toplists for smartphones and tablets. The most important products are summarized with statistical data like average price or number of auctions. Now everyone can easily compare smartphones and tablets. It is possible to sort the values by selecting the respective column in the table head.

de Smartphones | Tablets
uk Smartphones | Tablets
us Smartphones | Tablets


The values are up to date and refer to auctions (used articles) from the last two month.

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