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Team bidvoy has grown

us uk In the apparently quiet year 2014 a lot of intern work has been done at bidvoy. Currently a huge remake of bidvoy is underway, which will be presented to public in 2015. In this context, our team has grown. Jan Richter joins bidvoy and we are really looking forward to working together. Let him tell you himself just what he is planning.

Jan Richter: “After the completion of the beta phase in 2012, bidvoy attained a massive boost in users, followers and supporters. The excellent success of this unique app is great testimony to the developers and their never ending desire to perfect the app down to the very last detail. From a certain point onwards, however, an app quite simply needs more: more power, more usability, more control, more stability. Repeat users have expectations, desires and perceptions based on the apps they use frequently and everyone has their own individual way of using an app. That’s a real challenge.

When I founded my advertising and design agency in 2011, this was out of necessity. At the end of the financial year 2010, my one-man company could no longer cope with the demand it was facing. I needed personnel and partners to continue to serve my loyal customers and to be able to offer my improved services to an even larger public. I founded The Stupid And The Simple and within 3 years the company was a sure-fire success with nationwide clients and international partners.

When I joined bidvoy as Creative Director, a post which had so far not been filled, it was clear to me that the company’s situation had parallels with my own. I was therefore given the task of establishing bidvoy just as I did for TSATS and working in the background on transforming its core to create the optimal tool for daily use. And this all had to be done while retaining the regular users and early adopters who after all made bidvoy what it is today.

The goal is to optimise the app enabling it to offer even more and making it even easier to use. The team is confident it can produce an outstanding design and a brand that users will love.

In future, bidvoy wants to be your constant companion and helping hand when you need to pinpoint a fair price for branded products when trading with your friends, on the internet or in shops. That is a pretty hefty task – let’s rise to the challenge.”

We – the whole team of bidvoy – wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015. Here is our christmas present for you: An exclusive sneak peak of our revised site:

Let us know what you would like to see in bidvoy in future. Join us on our journey and let us know your expectations, preferences and ideas.

We look forward to having you on board.